More on therapy and counselling

Integrative Psychotherapy MSc (Metanoia Institute/Middlesex University)

Registered Level 1 Nurse.  Sexual Health Adviser/ Counsellor employed in the NHS.  With experience in the fields of health, sexual health, gender and sexuality, sexual assault, abuse and addiction.

Where ?

I work from a separate designated therapy room in my home, Wilmslow, SK9 2JE


When ?

Monday and Tuesdays, morning afternoon and evening . But I have other availability

How much ?

£40 per 50 minute session.

Couples £50 for 75 minute session.


mobile: 07958 959 097



Why do people commonly come to see me ?


·       Not coping

·       Feeling depressed

·       Feeling like they're struggling

·       Low mood

·       Feeling isolated

·       Feeling overwhelmed

·       Feeling anxious

·       Work stress

·       Having a general lack of get up and go



·       Drinking, eating or taking too many recreational drugs

·       Life events such as illness

·       Adjusting or moving towards separation or divorce

·       Frustration with things or people in life

·       Grief and loss

·       Feeling like they don't fit in , feeling 'different'

·       Feeling stuck or a loss of direction



Counselling/ Psychotherapy Training /Experience

I first came to counselling when I undertook training to become telephone counsellor for an HIV /AIDs helpline. I worked for 5 years on the helpline becoming a trainer myself. This and my experience of clients in my role as a sexual health advisor led me to undertake a Certificate in Counselling and counselling skills at Birkbeck college, University of London (cert photo ) that I completed in June 1999. 

In 2000 I embarked on the long but fascinating Integrative Psychotherapy training journey at Metanoia Institute

to gain an MSc Integrative psychotherapy in 2006 at Middlesex University.


During this training as well as my nurse counsellor work I undertook other placements one in an NHS occupational health service. I also had a great training and supervision experience for 5 years in a voluntary counselling service in South West London  here I got the experience of working with several clients a week for individual psychotherapy for forty sessions in a really supportive environment with a fantastic supervisor and additional training courses. 

I qualified as a UKCP Registered psychotherapist in 2006 and have worked in my own private practice for the past 8 years. 

I work in the NHS for three days a week in my nurse counsellor role and on 2 days a week I run my own private practice undertaking individual therapy, couples work training and supervision.